T-005/025 Series

The exciting T-005+C10 tripod outfit was specially designed for today’s point and shoot digital cameras, compact DSLRs and camcorders, and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

SIRUI T-005 tripods have a shiny, colorful appearance that almost makes them look like works of art! And their compact size - only 30cm when folded, is 20~30% smaller than other similar style tripods. There’s always room for one of these tiny wonders in your bag or backpack.

Even though they are compact, these impressive tripods can still extend to over 130cm (51.4 in.) - perfect for most shooting situations.

Like the professional line of SIRUI tripods, there is no compromise in quality. Aluminum alloy parts are high temperature forged for maximum strength and SIRUI’s custom anodized surface treatment insures superior wear and corrosion resistance.

The C-10 is a high quality ball head that perfectly compliments the new tripods. The ball head has a color anodized surface that has a distinctive look, while providing excellent resistance to scratches and corrosion. It comes in 3 different colors that match the T-005 tripods.

The T-025 shares the same design and dimensions as T-005, but lighter and stronger due to its carbon firbre construction. It is also paired with the same C-10 ball head to form a complete package for those who wants the lightest possible weight.


  • Light-weight and compact, available in aluminium or carbon fibre
  • Aluminum model available in black, blue and red
  • Packaged with C-10 ball head
  • Max loading capacity between 4kg (aluminium) to 6 kg (carbon fibre)
  • Head mount thread: 1/4"-20; base mount thread: 3/8"-16
  • Silicon twist locks
  • Leg warmer on two legs which facilitates handling in extreme weather conditions and help to protect the legs
  • Three leg-angle settings (23, 52 & 80°)
  • Center column hook
  • Well-designed padded traveling bag with shoulder strap for carrying
  • 6-year warranty against manufacturing defects


T-005 (Black)
T-005 (Blue)
T-005 (Red)


Model Material Sections bh

sections mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg kg mm mm
T-005 Aluminium 5 22 10 260 1130 1305 480 300 0.8 4 - -
T-025 Carbon Fibre 5 22 10 260 1130 1305 480 300 0.6 6 - -
C-10 Aluminium - - - - - - - - 0.2 6 29 83